If you read Karen Bishop’s Wings articles, and her books, you will have read her latest Wings in which she says goodbye from her current vantage point. I have also been following a lot of ascension material closely over the last few months and I would like to say a few things about all this.

We create our own reality. And in my reality I notice that I have created an ongoing increase in vibration in the folks I know, and also all energy around me (planet, plants, animals.) I notice that I have created a system of choices – I can focus on seeing the world as going to hell in a hand basket, I can choose one of many conspiracy theories,
one of many theories which sees itself as the ONLY way to see life and the cosmos.

And as such I realize that what matters most for me at this time is accepting that I can believe anything at anytime and that it does not matter at all. That the earth can be flat and I can fall off where dragons live, that I can work myself up into a lather about how terrible society is, that I can join every single society possible in order to push people to be better, more caring, etc only to make things worse. I can believe that Karen’s articles now really mean that we have created a new earth and ciao bambino, now I get to start a whole new story. I can create another theory and I am sure that I will soon be able to create a following.

Or I can simply know that the only thing that matters is that it feels good to me. That my perception of things is what counts. That no story matters, no conspiracy theory, that it is all as true as we want it to be – and that all is well.

I am not giving up on the Law of Attraction – for me it is still the most plausible of theories. I still like Quantum Physics – there is something about the uncertainty of it all which thrills me. I still love Abe, still channel Terah. I remember and have integrated all I have ever lived and learnt about everything. But none of these things are going to get me to heaven.

Because Heaven lives inside me. That’s all that matters.